Monday, June 7, 2021

Day 100, Monday June 7, 2021


Lamentations / Ezekiel 

Port Clinton hiker pavilion tent site to Windsor Furnace Shelter campsite -  6.0 miles hiked - 1226.0 total AT miles hiked to date.

In celebration of 100 days since I started this journey, I took a NERO today.  I got up this morning and caught a ride into Hamburg, the closest resupply spot.  I was able to pick up everything I needed for four more days of hiking at Walmart, Aldi’s, and Dollar Tree, all conveniently located by each other. After the resupply, I had lunch at Boston Market and then walked over to Cabellas, where a shuttle was available to take me back to the pavilion.  I snapped a shot of a bear on display, the closest I’ve been to a bear

thus far.  Once there, I packed up my newly refreshed food bag and other belongings and started for the trail about 3 pm, passing a house that makes their thoughts about hikers clear.

  I stopped in the Barbershop, run by a former thru hiker and charged up my electronics.  One completed, I walked across the street to the Peanut store, an old fashioned candy store, and bought some hard candies for the trail.

Finally, at about 4:45, I headed back out onto the trail.  As is usually the case when leaving a town,  the initial trail involved a significant climb for the first couple of miles.  I gained 1400 feet of elevation in the first two miles.  Slow going, as it is still hot and humid.

I pulled into the shelter around 7:30, ate a quick dinner, and set up camp.  Rick is only a day or two behind me so should catch up soon.

Until next time…

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