Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Day 123, Wednesday June 30, 2021


1st & 2nd Timothy 

Sages Ravine campsite to Great Barrington MA - 14.5 miles hiked today - 1523.9 total AT miles hiked to date.  669 miles to go.

Today felt a little cooler, with more tree covered shade provided.  Some challenging climbs and descents today, particularly with the rocks all wet from a thunderstorm during the night. I was slipping and sliding all over the trail all morning, including slipping off of a river crossing and getting soaked to my knees.  

Early in the day, I crossed into Massachusetts, the eleventh state hiked through.  The miles and states are going by faster now.  Climbed up and over Mt. Race, Mt. Everett, and Mt. Bushnell, all of which offered great views and rocky descents.

Finally clearing the worst of the mountainous terrain, there was some hiking through and next to some fields, including one full of sheep.  Finally reaching the highway into Great Barrington, I had no luck getting a shuttle to take me the last 4 miles into town.  Fortunately a young thru hiking couple arrived at the road and offered to share their ride into town.  With my broken wrist still a concern and the new bumps and bruises I acquired on the wet rocks today, I’m taking a Zero tomorrow.  I’ll be meeting back up with Whipporwill and DEFCON tomorrow and we’ll hike out together Friday.

Until next time…

Day 122, Tuesday June 29, 2021


1st & 2nd Thessalonians 

Beltzers campsite to Sages Ravine campsite - 16.7 miles hiked today - 1509.4 AT miles hiked to date 

Today was again a tale of two trails, but also a hard day for those I’m hiking with.  The morning was a cruise that included a lot of flat trails, road walks, and breakfast at the Mountainside cafe (blueberry scone French toast).  I saw some waterfalls, nice views and slightly lower temperatures.

Shortly after breakfast I heard from Anvil, who was with Pinot.  She was still struggling and they decided to go off trail to check her out.  She was diagnosed with heat exhaustion and dehydration.  Her husband came to take her home for a few days to recover.  Anvil is going off trail for a wedding shortly so I won’t see him for a while.  Fortunately I’m meeting back up with the rest of the tramily in the next day or two.

The afternoon got much harder as I had to climb Mount Prospect, Lion’s Head, and Bear Mountain, the kid highest point in Connecticut, and negotiate the tricky climbs back down.  I passed a unique geological feature called Giants Thumb, and had several neat views.

Finally, I passed another milestone as I hit the 1500 mile mark.  Tomorrow I head into Great Barrington where I’ll pick up a care package from home, resupply, and recuperate from the tough terrain.

Until next time…

Monday, June 28, 2021

Day 121, Monday June 28, 2021



Cornwall Bridge to Beltzers campsite - 11.3 miles hiked today - 1492.6 total AT miles hiked to date 

Hot, hot, hot.  Today was the hottest hiking day yet encountered,  with temperatures in the 90s for most of the day.  We got a late start after checking out of the motel, and stopping for one last store bought meal at the market.  A friendly local gave us a lift 1/2 mile back to the trail and we were hiking before 10am.

The heat is unseasonably severe for this part of the country, although it feels like standard Florida weather to me.  Gypsy moths have stripped most of the trees of their foliage, so shade was also at a premium. I drank over a gallon of water today, and probably should have had more. My traveling companions were hit hard, despite drinking prodigious amounts of water as well.  Pinot fell behind and ultimately stopped for the day about 6 miles in at a shelter.  By the time we heard from her, we were at our initial rendezvous point 3 miles beyond the shelter.  Anvil elected to camp there for the night to meet back up with Pinot in the morning.  Being a slower hiker,  I continued on to our planned destination for the night.  They will get an early start and catch up with me by mid day.  The next two days are supposed to be even hotter, so we’ll see how it goes.

Today’s terrain mirrored the past several days, with constant ups and downs, peppered with scrambles, squeezes, and climbs. None were as severe as we’d faced a few days ago, but enough to slow the pace even more.  Tomorrow promises to be much the same, so mileage could be short. Our goal is to get to Great Barrington by Thursday 30+ miles ahead.  Time will tell.

Until next time…

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Day 120, Sunday June 27, 2021



Stewart Hollow Brook Shelter campsite to Cornwall Bridge Ct - 4.1 miles hiked today - 1481.3 total AT miles hiked to date.

Today was a short hiking day as we took a NERO to recuperate from the brutal week, and to allow some pressure free healing time for my wrist.  Today also marks exactly 4 months since leaving from Amicalola Falls State Park on 2/27.

After climbing up and over Silver Hill we hiked into the small town of Cornwall Bridge this morning. Our planned stay at a local farm fell through, so we ended up staying at the only local hotel available.

We had both breakfast (breakfast burrito) and lunch (cheeseburger) at the local market/deli.  Also did a 3 day resupply to get us to Great Barrington.  Shower and laundry followed and the rest of the day was spent relaxing in the a/c and resting weary bones and feet.

Tomorrow will be a relatively short day with 10 miles planned.  Hopefully the terrain eases some.

Until next time…

Day 148, Sunday July 25, 2021

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