Saturday, January 23, 2021


One month to go until hitting the trail.  Current plans are still to head to Georgia Sunday, 2/21 and start hiking on Monday the 22nd.  Gear is pretty well dialed in (at least as much as it can be in advance), initial food is stocked (other than perishables - i.e. tortillas for sandwiches), and I've hiked every trail within 50 miles of my home several times.  

My current (final?) gear list, for those who care about that sort of thing:
REI Flash 55 Backpack 
Osprey Pack Liner 
REI Flash Air 2 Tent 
REI Flexlite Air Chair 
Tyvek floor saver 
Marmot Helium 15̊° Sleeping bag
Thermolite Reactor Sleeping Bag Liner
Air Pillow 
Nemo Tensor Insulated Pad Reg 
Nemo Vortex Pump Sack 
Gossamer Gear 1/8” foam pad 
AT Guide – Section 1 
Silicone Gripper 
Water Filter – Sawyer Squeeze
Cnoc Water bags (2) 
Etekcity stove
Toak 700ml pot w/bag  
Uco Camp Cup 
Spice Missile w/spices 
Uno Spork / long spoon  
Ursus Ultrlite Bear Bag/dry bag/cord 
Backpack Poncho  
Solar Charger / Carabiners 
InReach Mini 
Duct Tape/Patch Kit 
Deuce shovel 
Camp Shoes (Xero) 
Snowline Chainsen City Spikes 
First Aid Kit 
Smart Water Bottles 
Toiletries (TP, soap, wipes, tb/powder) 
Clothes (pant, briefs, liners, shirt, socks) 
Gloves (liner and waterproof) 
Puffy Jacket 
Fleece Pullover 
Lighters (2 Bic mini) 
Folding bowl 
Ear Buds 
Trail Journal and Pen 
Mask and Balaclava 
Ear Plugs 
Mosquito Head Net 
Extra Pole tips 
Shamwow for tent 
Baggies – asst size (12)
Hip Pocket Supplies (bagged)-    
Head lamp 
Hand Sanitizer 
Charge Cords/Plug 
Petzl Spatha Knife
Sub Total – 400 oz (25 lbs) – (w/o food,water,fuel)

Variable Weight
Est Food – 5 days@1.5 lb/day–120  oz (7.5 lbs) max
Est Water – 1.4 liter – 48 oz (3 lbs)
Fuel Cannister  (110 gram) – (1) 8 oz 
Total Max Weight – 576 oz (36 lbs)

Trekking poles (2) 
Altra Lone Peak 4.5 Shoes size 9 
Hiking clothes
- Zip off leg long pant / Merino wool boxer briefs
- Merino undershirt w/ Long Sleeve wicking shirt
- Darn Tough Socks 
- Mesh cap / stocking cap

Drugs (Ibuprophen Benadril, pepto tabs, Immodium)

Counting the days!

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